SPECTRUM Staff Vacancy – Human Resources & Performance Manager

SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living CIC are recruiting a Human Resources & Performance Manager

37.5hrs/wk (negotiable), Salary scale: £30,178 – £32,778

SPECTRUM is: a highly respected, progressive and innovative user-led organisation. As a result of a strategic review, we need to recruit an experienced HR & Performance Manager to lead the development of our HR and performance management functions, line management of Team Leaders and ensure our policies and procedures model good practice and employment law.

Working within our Senior Management Team: you will develop and implement policy and practice on all HR & performance management functions, including recruitment, personnel development and safeguarding. You will have a key strategic role in implementing SPECTRUM’s ambitious new Strategic Action Plan.

The right candidate will have: human resources and performance management experience, and have Chartered Membership of CIPD or equivalent experience; Excellent management, interpersonal and organisational skills; You will be self motivated and have a pragmatic approach to problem solving. You will understand and champion equality & diversity in the workforce, and have a good understanding of the aims and values of our organisation and a commitment to the empowerment of Disabled People.

We offer: a flexible package, including 25-28 days annual leave + bank holidays (pro-rata) and a contributory pension scheme. You will have the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of Disabled People and the success of SPECTRUM.

SPECTRUM is committed to equality and diversity. We particularly welcome applications from Disabled People.

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SPECTRUM is here

On the 30th of January 2013, Southampton Centre for Independent Living officially re-launched itself as SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living.


This was obviously a momentous day for all the staff members and allies of SCIL. For the past 28 years, SCIL has provided high quality services to Disabled People and their allies. We hope that with this modern new branding, we will be able to attract even more Disabled People to our cause and help to promote the concept of Independent Living to the wider community.

It has been a long journey to decide on how to rebrand, however, we feel that the SPECTRUM logo reflects the diversity of our members and our aspirations for a bright new colourful future.

At an exciting ceremony at Winchester, Ian Loynes, SPECTRUM’s Chief Executive, formally announced the change at just before 11am on the 30th of January 2013.

Ian greeted the audience with a dynamic and wide-ranging presentation on the history of Disabled People through the years, as well as how SCIL has developed over the 28 years that it has been in existence. Ian emphasised that this was not the end of SCIL, it was just the beginning of a brand-new era of modernising the way that people think about Disabled People.

Over the next few months, SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living will be sharing a lot more of their exciting plans as to how they hope to go forward over the coming years.

The Hampshire ULO Project has already begun work at developing more user-led organisations across Hampshire.  This work will lead to even more Disabled People getting involved in campaigning for equality and human rights.

At the National level, Disabled People are going through a difficult time of change so we feel that the time is right for user-led organisations to unite together to ensure that all people are treated equally and their human-rights are protected.

We hope you will join us in the bright new future that we have planned for SPECTRUM and raise a toast to our success.

Get involved with the PEP…..from your own home

We often hear from Disabled People and Carers who would like to get involved in the Hampshire Personalisation Expert Panel but would find it difficult to attend our meetings. This is for a variety of reasons such as inaccessible public transport, other caring responsibilities or not having a Personal Assistant available to support them.

With this in mind, the PEP are planning to do more work online over the next year. As well as holding online meetings on the Web, you can also keep up to date with the PEP through our new Facebook page. We will also be live tweeting our meetings from April 2012 onwards. Just click on the Twitter button below. 

User Led Organisations play a Key Role in Supporting Employment

SCIL will be watching how this fund is administered very carefully. We believe Disabled People are in an ideal place to support other Disabled People into work. Work does not necessarily mean full time paid work. Part time work, Voluntary work, and even work experience placements all have a role in enabling Disabled People to develop skills, build confidence, and feel like they are a valued member of their community.

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The week before last, the Government made an announcement that disability employment support services will be focused on individuals rather than institutions.  This was in response to the Sayce Review and how the £320m protected budget for disability employment could be used more effectively to support thousands more disabled people into work.

As part of the announcement, the Government guaranteed an £8m package of tailored support for up to 18 months to support all disabled Remploy staff affected by the changes.

As some of you might know, my work focuses on what Disabled People’s User- Led Organisations can and already do contribute to public service reform and society more generally. This includes looking at ways of (a) how to ensure there are more DPULOs, and (b) how to ensure they are sustainable.

After the disability employment support announcement last week, some people on Twitter and in other places highlighted that…

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SCIL’s December 2011 Newsletter Now Online

Yes Folks, Advent is here, the shops are filling up and our bank accounts and wallets are fast emptying.

So, why don’t you take a well earned break from all the preparations of the festive season and read our latest newsletter that is now online.

SCIL Newsletter December 2011

24 pages of jam packed full articles chronicling the high and lows of the last few months. We got news of babies and weddings and hopes for the future, but also less welcome news of departures and goodbyes.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter and if you would be interested in writing an article for the newsletter or the blog, then please let us know.

DAN – Disabled People’s Direct Action Network

Written by Ian Loynes

Whilst there are still significant shortcomings (particularly on the Tube), London is generally a great example of how a public transport system can meet the access needs of most people, including most Disabled People. However, this has not always been the case.

For this we, as Disabled People, should be very grateful indeed, I believe, to DAN (Disabled People’s Direct Action Network) who I referred to in my last blog entry.

It was DAN in the 1990’s who were prepared to undertake risky ‘actions’ to highlight just how inaccessible public transport was – particularly in our Capital City. Many people were uncertain at the wisdom of Disabled People handcuffing themselves to buses and trains and laying under wheels. Apart from the obvious risks, there was concern that by inconveniencing the general public we might lose their support. (DAN often ensured the public could not use the bus/train, saying ‘Now you know what it feels like’ – wearing T-Shirts saying “To boldly go where all others have gone before”!).

However, these high profile actions attracted the media like flies around a honey-pot. I believe that the work of DAN directly led to a political understanding that public transport SHOULD be accessible to Disabled People; an acceptance that we could not be fobbed off with segregated and often patronising, Dial-a-Ride schemes any more.

I went to one of their London actions in the 1990’s, it was a great and empowering experience, sadly on the way home I crashed my car, one of three crashes in three weeks! – but that really IS another story!

The fact that all London taxis and London buses are now wheelchair accessible is, I believe, a direct result for the work of DAN and similar groups. Of cause, the politicians and transport providers will say that these campaigns and actions had no effect, but I think we know different! DAN was never a massive organisation; it just goes to show that campaigns can be successful with relatively small groups of people. DAN showed that a well informed, media savvy campaign can achieve amazing successes.

London Underground still has a long way to go, before all their stations are wheelchair accessible. Some are, but many are still not. It is getting better, but in my opinion, being a little bit accessible is no good, and makes it difficult to see the underground as something I would use routinely through fear of going somewhere only to arrive at an inaccessible destination.

DAN did much, not just in London and not just about public transport.

I believe Disabled People owe a debt of thanks to DAN.

Launch of Southampton Overview Group

Monday 16th August 2010 – 11am to 3pm at Unity 12

What are we inviting you to?

The launch of new group run by and for people: Disabled People, Older People, Carers and other individuals who are interested in improving the way Health and Social Care gather and share information about us.

This first meeting will make sure you know what the group will be doing, and hopefully encourage you to be involved.

More about this project

How often do we find that we are filling in forms or talking to professional and voluntary organisations, only to repeat the same information time and time again?

How useful it would be to have all our information written down and kept by ourselves, with all our basic details along with information on medication, living wills, dependents who will need to be looked after and emergency contact details.

This exciting new project aims to revolutionise the way information is collected and shared for adults with health and social care needs. It aims to:

• Ensure choice and control for the individual.

• Reduce the number of requests for basic information

• Reduce the time spent giving and collecting information

• Make shared information available to health and social care professionals appropriately

• Recognise confidentiality and individual wishes.

• Put the individual at the centre and wrap the system around them rather than fitting them into the system.


Why should you get involved?

• We need your expertise, your support and guidance.

• You have skills, interests and experiences – we would like you to use them and agree to share them with us.

• The only way we can tell Health and Social Care services what you want is if you tell us what you want!

• Our task will be to advise Health and Social Care services how we want to control the information they hold on us.

• At the moment most people do not know anything about the information held about them, where it is kept, who has access to it, or under what circumstances they can and do share your information with someone else.

• We want to change this and put us all in control of our own information. We need your help to achieve this.

• It is vital to have people who use services, carers and others in the area involved at all levels and becoming full partners in shaping the new way of sharing

What’s in it for you?

• A free lunch!

• A real opportunity to make use of your skills and share your interests

• A way to gain new skills and get involved

• …and more – come and find out at this first meeting

We will pay for your travel costs, any Personal Assistance costs and meet your access needs

For more information and/or to book your place email info@southamptoncil.co.uk or call 023 8033 0982.