A Quick Introduction


SPECTRUM CIL is an organisation run and controlled by Disabled People. We support Disabled People to live independently and campaign for an inclusive society which does not discriminate against Disabled People. We believe that Disabled People should have the same opportunities and quality of life that non-Disabled people take for granted.   

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One thought on “A Quick Introduction

  1. Hi

    My 84 year old mum died recently and the family have been disposing of various bits of her own equipment.

    However we are in the process of selling her property and having found viewers are put off by the walk in shower with seat that was erected in one of the bedrooms, we have dismantled it (with professsional help)and are wondering what to do with it now.

    It was only used occasionally for a period of about 3-4 months from being fitted and we feel that it could be of benefit to someone else still.

    The question is ‘Do you know of any organisation that may be able to utilise this shower for someone who could benefit from having it or should we simply advertise’?


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