Reporting Hate Crime? – There’s an app for that!

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Regular readers will know that SPECTRUM is a 3rd party hate crime reporting centre – working with Hampshire Police and 14 organisations across Southampton to raise the awareness of what hate crime is, supporting people affected by hate crime, and encouraging people to report hate crimes whenever they are unfortunate to be the victim of a hate crime incident.

But two issues remain –

What is hate crime? – who does it affect?

How do I report hate crime?

Both of these questions can now be easily answered by downloading an APP onto your smart phone.

However – I know from experience that finding the Hampshire Police Hate Crime APP can be difficult. How do you find the APP you want in app stores that contain hundred’s of thousands of apps?

Worry no more – just follow the two links below to download the hate crime APP of both iPhone and Android APP Stores:

For iPhone users:

For Android Users:

Help us to get everyone to download these APPs onto their phones – once they have been downloaded then users can quickly and easily report hate crime incidents whenever they happen.

If it is easy – people will do it. Help us to make it easier by sharing this information to your networks

Thank you


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