Hate Crime – What is it, and why does it matter?


SPECTRUM has been raising the profile and understanding of hate crime, particularly Disability Hate Crime, for several years. in 2015 we organised a Hate Crime seminar in Winchester which attracted a huge attendance from people and organisations across all equality groups, as well as the Police and Local Authorities to look at how we could support people to recognise, report and act on incidents of hate crime. In fact we had people queuing out of the door wanting to get into the seminar!

More recently, SPECTRUM has agreed to become a ‘3rd Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre’ as part of an important initiative by Hampshire Constabulary to develop a network of reporting centres across the county, Southampton & Portsmouth. We are very pleased to be one of the initial 13 reporting centres.

SPECTRUM knows that Disability Hate Crime is massively under recognised and most, if not all, Disabled People will have a some time experienced a hate crime incident. Sadly, many Disabled People view hate crime as something they just have to put up with. (as is the case in other equality groups affected by hate crime)

We want this attitude to change

Hate Crime Brand_FINAL elements_Artboard 1.pdf

As part of our commitment to raising the profile of what hate crime is, and how and why people should report incidents, we have agreed to work with Hampshire Police to co-ordinate the 3rd Party Hate Crime Reporting Centres’ Network – the aim being to develop a coordinated approach to tackling all forms of hate crime as they affect all sections of our community. We also hope to develop information and awareness raising materials for the whole network to use. We want to grow the network of 3rd party reporting centres as well.

The fact is that Disability Hate Crime is the most under reported form of hate crime. SPECTRUM hopes that by putting its money where its mouth is and take a leadership role in raising the profile of hate crime – and in the process help More Disabled People to recognise hate crime for what it is, and to support them to report incidents to the police.

The author knows from very personal experience that reporting hate crime incidents IS worthwhile and the Police DO take it seriously when reported

The rest of this article consists of a presentation made by Ahmed Sasso from Hampshire Police to SPECTRUM’s staff & Directors.

I hope the information in these slides help to improve your understanding.











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