Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL)

Disability Rights UK (DRUK) has a Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) Roadshow event for the South East here at Unity 12 on 29th September 2015!

The DRILL (Disability Research on Independent Living and Learning) is a new innovative 5 year UK wide programme, funded by the Big Lottery, which will deliver the world’s first major research programme led by Disabled People.

The four nation programme is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and delivered by Disability Action in partnership with Disability Rights UK, Disability Wales and Inclusion Scotland.

The partnership brings together the major pan-disability organisations in each UK nation, working together with powerful groups of academics with diverse expertise to create a new and innovative research agenda in each nation and UK-wide. 

The research programme which will be delivered over five years will involve a number of significant research projects specifically engaging disabled people looking at areas contributing to independent living and learning. The findings will lead to a number of pilot projects aimed at enhancing the lives of disabled people.

DRILL aims to work in partnership with Disabled People, academics and policy makers to build a better evidence base about approaches that enable people to live independently, which will be used to inform future policy and service provision, as well as giving greater voice to disabled people in the issues that impact them.

SPECTRUM are delighted that one of the roadshow events will be here in Southampton. This will give local Disabled People from the region the chance to find out more about the project and how they can get involved.

By signing up to attend  one of the national roadshow events, you will get the chance to tell DRILL what are the most important issues to you, what you think of the ideas DRILL have come up with so far, and what you think would improve your life.

To get involved, come along to one of the DRILL Road Shows – To book a place at one of the roadshow events contact Sophie Walsh at sophie.walsh@disabilityrightsuk.org

As well as the Southampton roadshow, there are other events around the country so check out the Disability Rights UK website for further details. If you can’t make it to one of the roadshows why not email your thoughts to sophie.walsh@disabilityrightsuk.org .


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