SPECTRUM’s 30th Anniversary

This post is written by Ian Loynes, the CEO of SPECTRUM Centre for Independent Living.

This week is a momentous week for SPECTRUM

30 years ago this Thursday, Simon Brisenden called the first public meeting that founded SCIL (Now SPECTRUM)

​To mark this occasion, we have organised a​ ​30th Anniversary Conference on Thursday 6th November​ where we will be celebrating our achievements, and discussing the future of Independent Living​.

​We are having the whole conference videoed and this will be placed on our YouTube channel as soon as possible after the event, to allow you and THE WHOLE WORLD to share in what I will call ‘The SPECTRUM Effect’.

Our YouTube channel can be found at the following link:​
(If the link doesn’t work, search for SPECTRUMCIL on YouTube)

To whet your appetite, we have had two articles published in last Wednesday’s Guardian newspaper – We encourage you to read both as they nicely highlight what we have achieved, and the challenges and opportunities we have to face in the future.

The links to these two articles are:

On behalf of SPECTRUM, I ​thank you for your support and interest.

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