Another Unwelcome Xmas Present from The Government

SCIL is bitterly disappointed that the government has announced its intention to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in April 2015. The government plans to transfer ILF funding to local authorities.

SCIL as well as many other User Lead Organisations, have campaigned over the past two years for the ILF to continue. The ILF provides vital funding to many Disabled People with high support needs to enable them to live independently. SCIL is concerned that by transferring the funding directly to local authorities, it will put an impossible burden on a care and support system that is already struggling and in need of major reform.

Disabled People have raised many significant concerns with the government but to no avail. Despite the government proclaiming that the transition will run smoothly, many Disabled People will now face two more years of anxiety and stress while they wait to understand the full repercussions of this short-sited decision. SCIL will attempt to ensure that ILF users in Southampton are kept fully informed during the transition process.

Robert Droy, SCIL Independent Living Team Leader sits on the ILF user advisory group and will continue to fight for ILF users’ right to live independently, despite the changes. You can read the government response to the ILF conversation here.


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