South East Network of Disabled People’s Organisations

SCIL is proud to announce that the South East Network of Disabled People’s Organisations (SENDPO) has recently been launched.

SCIL initiated the plan, which after 2 years’ work, and the involvement of many other organisations like SCIL, has resulted in SENDPO finally getting off the drawing board.

SENDPO has been created as a network of Disabled People’s Organisations (DPO’s) in the South East region of the UK.

SENDPO will be managed collaboratively by its members for mutual benefit, to aid co-production and to facilitate the development and support of new DPO’s.

SCIL first highlighted the difficulties that DPO’s were experiencing back in 2005. Since then many of the most well know DPO’s have disappeared. The reasons are many and varied; but it is now accepted that current funding rules make it very difficult indeed for small, locally based, user-led organisations to survive, and even more difficult for new organisations to come into existence.

It is with this background that we are so pleased to have been able to bring SENDPO into existence.

SENDPO’s Mission is:

(1) To enable South East based DPO’s to share experiences and work together to build their sustainability

(2) To encourage the development of new organisations run and controlled by Disabled People

(3) To facilitate effective high quality co-production between DPO’s and statutory bodies.

One of SENDPO’s first achievements has been to develop a ‘blueprint’ of what it considers to be the values, principles and ethos that DPO’s should aspire to. Up until now, we have often talked about why DPO’s are different; now for the first time, DPO’s in the South East have put these ‘ingredients’ into writing.

Ian Loynes, SCIL’s Chief Executive welcomed the launch of SENDPO saying  ‘I am pleased that SCIL has been able to bring SENDPO into being. Disabled People’s Organisations need to work together closely and share our expertise if we are to ensure that our organisations continue to survive in the difficult financial climate.’

SCIL is pleased to support this important initiative, and more information will be available on the SENDPO page of the SCIL website


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