Campaigning Can’t Stop For Xmas

Despite SCIL having to deal with an increasingly heavy workload, we feel it is imperative that we get back to our roots as a campaigning organisation for Disabled People’s rights.

Over the last few months, Disabled People have been threatened with cuts, more cuts and yet more cuts. It feels less like ‘we’re all in it together’ and more like ‘we all in it to get THEM’.

Disabled People are being painted as a drain on society, an expensive burden we can no longer afford. This is not only insulting, it fails to recognise the invaluable contribution that Disabled People make in society. Through paid work, voluntary work, community involvement. One in four people in society have some type of impairment. Do we really believe that society would be better off without all those people. Brings back disturbing memories from history doesn’t it?

‘Reform’ of Disability Living Allowance, closure of Independent Living Fund, increases in Local Authority Social Care Funding……what’s next?

Apparently my GP has already been reviewing my repeat prescriptions due to their cost!

So SCIL would like to assure Disabled People across Southampton, Hampshire and indeed the whole of the UK that we will not let Xmas get in the way of campaigning. We applaud the efforts of Disabled People Against Cuts and others who have already done sterling work in icy conditions to publicise the threat to Disabled People’s rights and independence.

Through the blog, Twitter and Facebook, we will keep you in touch with our plans. Please contact us if you want to get involved or lend support.


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