Launch of Southampton Overview Group

Monday 16th August 2010 – 11am to 3pm at Unity 12

What are we inviting you to?

The launch of new group run by and for people: Disabled People, Older People, Carers and other individuals who are interested in improving the way Health and Social Care gather and share information about us.

This first meeting will make sure you know what the group will be doing, and hopefully encourage you to be involved.

More about this project

How often do we find that we are filling in forms or talking to professional and voluntary organisations, only to repeat the same information time and time again?

How useful it would be to have all our information written down and kept by ourselves, with all our basic details along with information on medication, living wills, dependents who will need to be looked after and emergency contact details.

This exciting new project aims to revolutionise the way information is collected and shared for adults with health and social care needs. It aims to:

• Ensure choice and control for the individual.

• Reduce the number of requests for basic information

• Reduce the time spent giving and collecting information

• Make shared information available to health and social care professionals appropriately

• Recognise confidentiality and individual wishes.

• Put the individual at the centre and wrap the system around them rather than fitting them into the system.


Why should you get involved?

• We need your expertise, your support and guidance.

• You have skills, interests and experiences – we would like you to use them and agree to share them with us.

• The only way we can tell Health and Social Care services what you want is if you tell us what you want!

• Our task will be to advise Health and Social Care services how we want to control the information they hold on us.

• At the moment most people do not know anything about the information held about them, where it is kept, who has access to it, or under what circumstances they can and do share your information with someone else.

• We want to change this and put us all in control of our own information. We need your help to achieve this.

• It is vital to have people who use services, carers and others in the area involved at all levels and becoming full partners in shaping the new way of sharing

What’s in it for you?

• A free lunch!

• A real opportunity to make use of your skills and share your interests

• A way to gain new skills and get involved

• …and more – come and find out at this first meeting

We will pay for your travel costs, any Personal Assistance costs and meet your access needs

For more information and/or to book your place email or call 023 8033 0982.


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