Consultation on the Right to Control

The Office of Disability Issues has just launched a consultation to ask Disabled People how to make choice and control a reality in their lives.

The consultation, launched on 11 June, invites stakeholders to give their views on the best way to deliver the Right to Control.

The ODI encourages responses from Disabled People, their organisations, public bodies, commissioners and service providers.

The consultation runs from 11 June – 30 September 2009.

To request a copy of the consultation in Braille, audio CD or BSL DVD email or telephone 020 7449 5093.

What is the right to control?

The Right to Control is about shifting the balance of power from the state to the individual and recognising that disabled people are the experts in their own lives.

Why is the right needed?

At the moment, many Disabled People do not have the sort of choice and control over their lives that Non-Disabled people take for granted. The Government is therefore committed to providing greater choice and control over the support they receive from the State.

How will the right be introduced?

From 2010, we will test how the Right to Control will work. We will do this by trying out the Right to Control for Disabled Adults in a number of local authority areas in England. These will be called trailblazer sites.

How does the right fit with the Welfare Reform Bill?

The Welfare Reform Bill currently before Parliament enables the Secretary of State to make regulations to give Disabled People greater choice and control over support provided by the state. The Right to Control is part 2 of the Bill.

The Bill has completed its passage through the House of Commons. There was strong support across the House, with members on both sides warmly welcoming the increased choice and control this policy will deliver. As of June 2009, the Bill is before the House of Lords.

The Hansard page on the Welfare Reform Bill can be found on the Parliament website and includes the full text of the Bill, explanatory notes and reports from the debates.



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