Equality 2025 – Taking Your Views on Disability Equality to the Government

Equality 2025, in partnership with Southampton Centre for Independent Living, is holding a regional engagement event for Disabled People living in the South East of England on Thursday 09 July 2009 and we would like to hear your views.

Equality 2025 is an advisory body set up to advise the Westminster Government on issues affecting the everyday lives of Disabled People across the United Kingdom. For more information about Equality 2025, please find below our Key Messages leaflet.

EQ2025 meeting July – Key Messages Leaflet

At the event we are proposing to discuss topics like our right to control independent living support and Disabled People’s networks. We also want to know what issues you think the Government should be aware of.

Places at the event are limited. We want to talk to as many Disabled People as possible, from every part of the United Kingdom. To try and make sure there is a diverse group of people attending the event, we will give priority to people who have not been to a similar event before. If you are successful, confirmation of your place will be sent out during week commencing 22nd June 2009.

There is no fee to attend and we can help with reasonable travel costs if you could otherwise not afford to come (including overnight stays where this is essential). If you are intending to apply for financial assistance, please indicate on your application form so that we can consider your request.

If you are interested in attending the event please fill in the application form by clicking the link below:

EQ2025 meeting July – Application form

We will be in touch again shortly, to let you know if we can offer you a place at the event. If you have any queries in the meantime or need help to fill in the accompanying application form please contact Ian Loynes at Southampton Centre for Independent Living, email ian@southamptoncil.co.uk, tel. 02380 330982.


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