Disability Lib Sounds Glib

The news that SCOPE, along with six other ‘Disability’ organisations have been awarded 4.2 million pounds by the Big Lottery Fund, has angered many people within user led organisations. According to the press release, Disability Lib is aimed at helping ‘Disability’ organisations boost their performance by improving their management and organisational systems. 

Hazel Peasley, a member of SCIL and chair of HCODP commented ‘Yet again, CILs and ULOs are just left with the crumbs off the table….  We don’t need bits of training, we need money to pay the rent, pay people to do the hard work supporting Disabled People who are suffering greater and greater barriers rather than fewer…

it is very patronising when 25 years ago we were forging the path for the liberation of Disabled People and setting up our own organisations that have stood the tests we’ve faced. People with huge talent and commitment…

Southampton CIL & Derbyshire CIL – 2 of the first CILS to set up have been designated as unworthy to mentor other CILS/ULOs. Sadly, the balance of power remains the same as it was then, except for the few who have made it big time. ‘


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