Self Directed Support for Disabled Adults and Older People

In a much anticipated move, it has finally been announced that Self Directed Support via an Individual Budget will be offered across the UK to every Disabled adult and Older person who is eligible for social care services.

Currently just over 100 local authorities are piloting self directed support, however from April 2008, all local authorities will have to offer this. The individual budget could either be paid directly to the individual via a direct payment or the council may still hold on to the money but  an individual would have more control over when and how the council spend that money.

The media over the weekend very much focussed on the fact that older people could now be given cash to purchase their own support. The fact that Older People have been able to get Direct Payments since April 2000 seems to have passed journalists by.

Southampton will be rolling out their self directed support scheme  from January 2008 and SCIL have now taken on a support broker who will work with people with physical impairments and older people who want to switch to an individual budget.

One confusion is the number of names this particular scheme seems to have. Individual budgets, self directed support, In Control, and personal budgets are all being used to describe the same thing. SCIL has decided to adopt the term self directed support until a consensus is agreed nationally.

We will be putting a lot more information on the blog over the coming months but if you want to know more, particularly about plans in Southampton, then please contact Jeremy Long Price, our new Self Directed Support Broker on 023 8020 2642 or email

P.S. We added a poll, just for fun, on our message board where you can name this latest government policy. Go on, Vote Now!


2 thoughts on “Self Directed Support for Disabled Adults and Older People

  1. I live in Felixstowe and disabled but not yet
    (an old person)young at heart,i am already on this and i am
    not very happy with it,
    To be short they pay lump sum into account then you become
    an employer which means you have to take out insurance for
    any one that helps you you also have to have a payroll
    set up for you (which costs)by the time you are done you can
    only afford to pay low wage for helpers.
    This is not a good program, it gets the system to be able to
    pay less for your care,
    If you look deaper into it you will keep well away i wish
    i had.


  2. I am an Englishman whom has lived in Thailand for the past 20 yrs. It struck me that many retirees or disabled people could live a far happier life over here at a much cheaper rate.

    Since then I have been working on a project to develop retirement resorts to suit the individuals needs.

    Interested, please contact.


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