Design Options for a Versatile Environment (DOVE)

DOVE is a showroom hosting aids and adaptations for Disabled People. We are a charity located in Cosham and aim to provide impartial information on equipment as well as provide a free peer advocacy service. 

After 11 years, DOVE has had a management change and has shifted its focus to follow the Social Model of Disability.  We believe Disabled People have a right to live independently and should make their own choices. Independent living is having control over your life and a say over what happens. 

The showroom displays stairlifts, walk in showers and baths and various bath lifts. Two accessible kitchens are on display and within these, kitchen aids for people with a sensory impairment along with equipment for people with mobility impairments.  Later in the year we will be reopening our sensory room. Watch this space!

Our resource library contains information from an extensive array of suppliers and manufacturers of most aids and adaptations. We are looking at extending our database of approved and experienced fitters/builders of adaptations. All referrals are welcome please. 

Our peer advocacy service, which commenced in February this year, is already proving to be a huge success. Appointments are necessary and are available on Mondays and Tuesdays 11am – 3pm.

Many suppliers are selling over the internet, or via catalogues and simply do not have a showroom. One of our objectives at DOVE is to encourage and invite people to visit the showroom with the purpose to view and try equipment before they purchase the product elsewhere, or before installation by your local authority. 

As we are part funded by Local Authorities, one of our remits is to offer equipment training to occupational therapists.  OTs request the type of training they require and we organise it. We have hosted several successful training days to OTs on stair lifts, walk in showers and baths. This also is a free service and enables OTs to keep up to date on the latest products available on the market. 

Other services we provide are: Educational days to students of health and social care, OT undergraduates and college students;Training on Disability Equality and Disability Discrimination Act; Presentations on the Social Model of Disability.

Our staff and volunteers would be happy to help you, so if you require any aids, equipment or an adaptation in your home, why not come to D.O.V.E. Our opening hours are Monday – Thursday 11am – 3pm Alternatively, we can be contacted on 02392 787 788 or 

We look forward to welcoming you to D.O.V.E  


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