Climb Every Mountain

I have worked at SCIL now for nearly six years. My first job working as a Work Support Assistant was also my first experience of working with people with different types of impairments.  I am now working with Maureen Harris who is a Direct Payments Support Worker and supports many Disabled People, particularly those who have mental health issues.

During the last six years, I have therefore met a wide range of people who have either been born with an impairment or acquired an impairment during their life.  My children are now all grown up and slowly I am becoming ME, something which is very new for me personally as I had my family at a young age so did not experience finding out who I was, like other young people do. 

One of my hobbies is Walking which I really enjoy. Whilst out walking, I decided to really challenge myself. My first goal was to do the London Moon Walk. I applied but sadly did not get a place this year due to it being very popular. This did not deter me but made me more determined to do something not only to test my own capabilities but to do something worthwhile.


My challenge is I am going to walk up Kilimanjaro in October 2007. I will be raising money for an organisation that supports people with cancer. I lost two grandparents and my mum to cancer so it is very important to me.  I will also be raising money for an orphanage in Moshi which I will be visiting in Tanzania. I have realised that I am a really fortunate person in more ways than one. Many people in this country takes things like food, water, homes, health care and education for granted but people in Tanzania are extremely poor and yet work very hard for the most basic of things. 

I know this challenge is going to test my physical and mental abilities to the limit. I will be encountering extreme temperatures, physical exhaustion, not to mention altitude sickness, which can be life threatening. But this does not deter me, I am going to the summit.  I am training very hard at the moment at the moment, walking between 20-30 miles a week (the more hills, the better!) and going to aerobic classes to increase my physical fitness.    

I have now completed my first fundraising event which raised over £1000 and have a few more planned before I do my climb.

I will keep you informed of my progress and let you know how I get on, once I have done the expedition.

This post was written by Sharon Coe.


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