Disability Agenda Sets Worthy Goals

On February 14, the Disability Rights Commission launched what will probably be its last major inititative before it is merged into the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights in October 2007.

The Disability Agenda sets out what the DRC consider to be the major public policy challenges that Britain is facing and the action required to meet them.  These include promoting a culture of human rights and equality, bringing an end to child poverty, increasing life chances through learning and skills, ending poverty and widening employment opportunity, increasing participation in public, civic and community life, developing a social care system fit for the future, tackling health inequality, meeting the future housing challenge and building stronger safer communities. 

All very worthy aims and remarkably similar to the 12 basic rights that SCIL adopted 20 years ago. Although at first glance, the agenda just looked like a bunch of worthy aims but with no substance, the DRC has drawn up a list of recommendations for each aim, which hopefully both central and local government as well as others will consider when drawing up their future strategic plans.

It is still unclear how much attention the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights will give to disability issues but hopefully the Disability Agenda will be adopted by the new Commission and others in an effort to effect change over the next 10 years.


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