Preparing for the Paralympics

Tanni Grey Thompson has declared that the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics will be the first time that the Games will be fully integrated. In a recent article in Time Out, Tanni said ‘Though there is a gap of 17 days between the Olympics closing and the Paralympics opening, a key feature of London 2012 is that the planning and design for both events are fully integrated. It was a strength of the bid, and one of the reasons why I wanted to get involved. This has not always been the case: in the past, some Paralympians have felt that we were simply tagged on, that there were the main Games then ‘our bit’.’

tanni grey thompson

Tanni has also indicated that she is confident the Games will be a catalyst for continued change in public attitudes towards Disabled People. Tanni has won 11 Paralympic Gold medals in her career. She was also at the centre of controversy when the BBC failed to provide a ramp in order for her to pick up an award at BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year in 2001.  


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