Has The Disability Movement Lost Its Way?

Sometimes you set out to write an article based on something you read, and half way through you realise that you are not contributing any more to the debate than the source material you read. Therefore, I am simply recommending that people read Peter Beresford’s article in the Guardian last week.

In the article, Peter describes some of the current issues faced by the Disability Movement in the UK. He describes how despite many advances in government policy that can be traced back to the efforts of the Disability Movement, there is no time for complacency.

He writes ‘Ensuring the equal involvement of all people demands changes in understanding and culture. It also requires resources to reach out and support such inclusion – a hard job for disability organisations unremittingly strapped for cash…..Tackling the issue of diversity doesn’t detract from solidarity, as is sometimes suggested. Instead, it reinforces it as policy makers find it more difficult to divide different groups and set them against each other.’.

He also sees one of the solutions being an inclusive education system as it ‘…enables all children to learn alongside each other, with whatever support they need, so that the kind of divisions between disabled and non-disabled people that Shakespeare condemns are no longer routine.’.

Read the complete article and let us know your views on whether the Disability Movement has lost its way and is focussing on all the wrong issues.


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