The Superior Sex Co-opted Onto SCIL Management Committee

This post is written by Valarie Moushigian, the newest member of SCIL’s Management Committee….. 

As SCIL’s Management Committee comprises of 5 males, I felt it was my duty to be co-opted onto the management committee to increase the supremacy of females, and complementing Lesley (who attends as SCIL’s Office Manager) with the strength, bravado, common sense, humour, practical know-how and of course good looks that we both naturally possess. Please bear in mind that these qualities are only an ounce of the skills we possess!

 In all seriousness and with some arrogance put to one side! There is an element of truth in what I’m saying.  I have been a member of SCIL for a year now and have been witness to many successes and some failures.  With my background in business administration and marketing, and using my natural skills I possess as being a woman, I felt it prudent to contribute some of my knowledge in assisting SCIL in continuing to strive for an organisation that can create equality for Disabled People within our society.  Part of this venture means running a successful business alongside empowering Disabled People to fight for their rights to independent living.  

When I first joined SCIL I didn’t consider myself a Disabled Person, however upon speaking with various members I realised that the fears and barriers I was faced with 18 years ago and in the very recent past was called Discrimination!  I have continuously been discriminated against in my work environment but never knew my rights to complain about the issues I was faced with. My employers were ignorant to say the least in realising and understanding their duty towards Disabled People.  I have made a commitment to myself to ensure organisations such as SCIL continue to grow and succeed, and if I can use the skills I have attained from the ignorant culprits and put them to good use within this organisation I feel we are one step closer.

But don’t be fooled, in return for my experience I am hoping to learn more about the Movement and how I can empower our members and future members to fight for their rights and ensure we all live in an inclusive society that holds no barriers!

YOU CAN HELP!!!  We have a ‘special’ management committee meeting on 27th February 2007 (more details to follow) and I would very much like our members or future members to come to SCIL to express your views.  You can enjoy some fine afternoon tea and meet the staff while you’re here.  You can even be like me and decide to join the committee.  I would appreciate meeting the members and give you the opportunity to share your opinions on how you think SCIL can improve and grow to work for you.

If you have child care issues, never mind, bring them along. If you have to bring your mother-in-law then that’s ok too, we have a cupboard under the stairs! 

I specifically haven’t included my photograph because I would like to draw attention to your curiosity.  Some say I look very much like Dawn French but then again some of them tell me I resemble Elle MacPherson. When I was 16 I was told I looked like some British rock star I have never heard of, but then again that was going back some years and I am Australian so what would I know! 

I look forward to meeting you on February 27th!

Apologies if I have offended any males, females, mother-in-law’s, Dawn French or Elle. Poor humour is a severe impairment of my Australian heritage


One thought on “The Superior Sex Co-opted Onto SCIL Management Committee

  1. Well, more women sounds great to me..that can only mean more coffee as there are more women to make it? No..just kidding, if Valerie can help empower Disabled People then she has a helper in me! Jeewizz, i just got my own SCIL email, can’t begin to tell you how empowering that on the scale of things REAL empowerment has got to be aimed for and more importantly ACHIEVED! Over and out:)


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