Fonts and Formatting

For those of you who have been reading the blog since it started, you will hopefully have seen a number of improvements as the weeks have gone on, such as the inclusion of pictures and logos. I hope it has made the blog look more interesting as well as accessible.

 I have received many comments regarding the size and type of font. SCIL’s standard font for letters, information etc is Arial 14. Unfortunately this blog site does weird things if the font is too large, however after much experimenting, it seems to be happy with Arial 12. This will therefore be our new default font for the blog from now on.

I am keen to hear your comments and views on how you would like to see this blog develop. My next idea is to try and post some video footage on the blog, however as most of the work I, as well as other contributors, do on the blog is in our own time, I cannot guarantee implementing suggestions immediately.

Thanks for supporting the blog. We have had over 1500 hits in just six weeks which is quite impressive and hopefully more and more people will discover the site over time, so please spread the word and keep on blogging.


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