Shock as Hampshire Split Direct Payments Contract

In a surprise move, Hampshire County Council have decided to split the new Direct Payments Support Service Contract so that people living in the Southern part of Hampshire will continue to be supported by SCIL / Carers Together whilst those people living in North Hampshire will be supported by Enham from January 2007.

SCIL / Carers Together will support Direct Payments users in Fareham / Gosport / Havant Petersfield / New Forest / Eastleigh and Test Valley South. Enham will support Direct Payments users in Alton / Aldershot / Basingtoke / Winchester and Andover.


SCIL has been supporting Direct Payments users for over fifteen years and has been instrumental in the development of the scheme from the early days of SOCS (Self Operated Care Scheme) in the 1980s through to the expansion of Direct Payments in the last few years. Since the Direct Payments legislation was broadened to include Carers and Disabled Children, SCIL has worked closely with Carers Together to ensure that all users receive peer support to enable them to use their Direct Payments effectively.

Enham own four care homes in a village just outside Andover in Hampshire. It also runs a Homecare service as well as a number of supported workshops and other employment services to Disabled People.

SCIL and Carers Together hope to meet with Hampshire Social Services and Enham in the next few weeks to discuss arrangements for January 2007. We will keep you informed of our progress on the blog.

If you have any queries regarding this then please email us or call to speak to a member of the Direct Payments Team on 023 8033 0982.


One thought on “Shock as Hampshire Split Direct Payments Contract

  1. What in god’s name is Hampshire thinking about?

    Once upon a time they were the Local Authority that the whole UK looked up to when it came to supporting Disabled People to Live Independently. Their precursor to Direct Payments, SOCS, was the first example of its type in the County. Well over 1,000 Disabled People were testament to Hampshire’s forward looking policies to promote independent living.

    Then the charging police came stomping in – now Disabled People get charged outrageous amounts for daring to need support to get up, eat and poo.

    Then they decided that this policy wasn’t driving enought Disabled People away, so they have decided to ‘consult’ [defn: “Completely ignore what people say they want – and do what they planned to do all along”] about changing their Eligability Criteria to ‘Critical’. As far as I can see this means you have to be dead or about to die before they will help you (and then charge you thought the roof to try and put you off anyway)

    Then they decided that it was a good idea to ‘Tender’ out their Direct Payments Support Worker Contract – Held by SCIL for over 10 years, SCIL had developed the scheme into a world respected and well liked peer-support scheme. Of cause Hampshire wanted to do this the ensure ‘Best Value’ [Defn: Cheap and nasty]. Off cause they say they want to ensure that their Direct Payments scheme remains the best in the County.

    So to prove how much Hampshire Social Services have lost the plot they have now given a 1/3rd of the contract to Enham!!! Enham many of you will know got rich (and continues to get rich) by running a segregated ‘village’ for Disabled People and despite all their clever words and people in suits, continue to ave no idea what Independent Living is.

    Somehow they think they can provide a better service to Disabled People in the north of Hampshire than SCIL – I for one am frigtened at this ‘development’.

    Enham is a huge money making scheme dressed up as a charity – they obviously don’t care if they squash a small user-led organisation like SCIL in their quest to make money and get even bigger.

    Hampshire County Council should be ashamed of themselves for allowing such an obsenity to happen.


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