Hampshire Threatens To Tighten The Net

Hampshire County Council has just begun a 12 week long consultation into changing its eligibility criteria so that only people with ‘critical’ needs would be eligible for support from Social Services.

At the moment, people who are assessed as having ‘substantial’ or ‘critical’ needs, can receive support. Although this consultation is focussed on Hampshire only, it is a national issue. At least six local authorities are thought to have already raised the eligibility threshold to ‘critical’ only, and many others are considering a similar move.

The Department of Health have issued guidance regarding the different eligibility bands and how assessments should be carried out, however it is still up to each local authority to decide which bands it will include in its eligibility criteria.

SCIL strongly encourages users in Hampshire to participate in the consultation. You can download the leaflet / questionnaire from here. There will also be 4 public meetings organised by Hampshire County Council across Hampshire in November. Anyone wanting to attend these meetings should contact the Helpline on 01962 845469 or send an email to adult.services.feedback@hants.gov.uk


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