My New Flat

Kathy is a volunteer and member of SCIL’s Management Committee………..

‘I have now moved into my own flat, as I wanted to be more independent and I am really enjoying the experience. I have now got my own key and can control my own life.

The flat that I have is run in conjunction with Hyde Housing and Southampton City Council. The project is up to 2 years and during this period, I have to look for other accommodation with the help of a support worker from Hyde.

The flat has got a bedroom, lounge, kitchen and a very big bathroom. It has got a communal garden and I am very happy.’

Kathy hopes that by sharing her story, it will inspire other Disabled People to think about living independently.


2 thoughts on “My New Flat

  1. I think this is fantastic and I Know how much Kathy values her new independent life, and I agree I hpe it will inspire others to have more choice and independence. Good Luck Kathy


  2. I’m really glad you were able to move into your own flat. As a disbaled person myself, I know how important independance is. I found it very difficult to find suitable accomodation and was heavily discouraged from having the flat i now occupy, but it seemed as though finding anything else would have been a lot more hassle.
    The flat I now live in is by no means totally accesible, but it is ground-floor and warden controlled.
    I find the fact that able bodied people design and decide what makes a flat “suitable for disabled people” means often its not when it comes to it.
    Anyway, I hope your enjoying your new place



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